Original Replacement Battery For Samsung Galaxy Note 20 - BN980ABY

Replenish your fast depleting, swollen, non-charging or heating Samsung Note 20 Battery with our original or excellent branded battery and put behind you days of carrying around your charger wherever you go. Our battery will fit and work exactly like the original if not better. Order yours online now. or call 0723981091 to schedule an appointment


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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Battery

Introducing our brand-new, sealed, and highest quality Li-Ion 4300 mAh battery specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. This premium battery is compatible with a variety of models, including SM-N980F, SM-N980F/DS.

Key Features:

  • Brand New & Sealed: Ensuring you receive a product in pristine condition for optimal performance.
  • Li-Ion 4300 mAh: High-capacity battery to provide a reliable and extended power source.
  • Compatibility: Tailored to match Samsung Galaxy Note 20 models SM-N980F, SM-N980F/DS, and more.

Is It Time to Replace Your Samsung Note 20 Battery?

If your Samsung Note 20 battery has recently exhibited signs of aging, such as bulging, rapid drainage, refusal to charge, or excessive heat during charging, it's time for an upgrade. Our replacement battery is precisely what you need to restore your device to its original status.

Order Now and Enjoy:

  • Swift Delivery: Get your battery delivered to you fast.
  • Reliable Performance: Ensure your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 operates at its best.

Professional Installation Recommended:

To guarantee a precise fit and optimal functionality, professional installation is recommended. Trust our high-quality replacement battery to breathe new life into your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – order now and experience the difference!

battery Li-Ion 4300 mAh
warranty 6 months
condition new