Replacement Screen for iPhone 4

Your trusty iPhone 4, a testament to Apple's engineering, deserves a second life! Techbay's premium screen replacements banish cracks and frustrations, restoring vibrant colors, flawless touch, and effortless control. Our expert technicians, genuine parts, and fast turnaround keep the legacy alive, all at competitive prices. Ditch the dimness, choose Techbay, and let your iPhone 4 shine again!


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Your trusty iPhone 4 still battling? Give it a second wind with a Techbay screen replacement!

Remember the iconic iPhone 4? The sleek design, the revolutionary Retina display, the endless fun of gaming on the go? This phone was an engineering marvel, and even though years have passed, many of them are still kicking! But accidents happen, and a cracked screen can dim even the brightest memories.

That's where Techbay comes in.

We offer premium iPhone 4 screen replacements that restore your phone's glory days. Imagine: - A flawless, scratch-free screen: Rediscover the vibrant colors and sharp details you fell in love with. - Responsive touch: No more frustrating taps that go nowhere! Enjoy smooth scrolling and effortless navigation. - The legacy lives on: Breathe new life into your beloved iPhone 4 and keep the Apple magic alive.

Why choose Techbay?

Expert technicians: Our team knows iPhone 4s inside and out, ensuring a seamless repair. Genuine parts: We use only the highest quality components for lasting performance. Fast turnaround: Get your phone back in your hands quickly, ready for more adventures. Competitive prices: Because a second chance shouldn't break the bank.

Don't let a cracked screen dim the bright memories of your iPhone 4. Bring it to Techbay and let's unlock its potential again! - Visit our website to book your appointment online. - Find a Techbay location near you. - Contact us today for a free consultation.

Remember, a Techbay screen replacement isn't just a repair, it's a tribute to the enduring legacy of the iPhone 4. Check out the sample below to see the impressive screen replacements we do for your iPhone 4, you shall not be disappointed.

Before and After screen Replacement for Apple iPhone 4

Let's keep the apple shining!

colours Black and White
display IPS LCD, 3.5 inches
warranty 3 months
compatibility A1349, A1332