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At Techbay Electronics, we excel as skilled troubleshooters. If you encounter any electronic device problem, rest assured, our team possesses the expertise and experience to fix it promptly. We're not limited to smartphones; our proficiency extends to various gadgets like computers, laptops, game consoles, cameras, mp3 players, and more. Our commitment lies in generating innovative solutions, setting us apart as the foremost leaders in swift and effective wireless repair services.

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We Are Countrywide

At local and countrywide scales, our primary objective is to be a valuable resource for all the communities we cater to. While we have experienced remarkable growth since establishing our first walk-in phone repair store in Kahawa Sukari, Nairobi in 2013, our dedication to local service remains unwavering. We persist in offering tailored repair services to schools, businesses, and individual customers in various communities countrywide. As our presence expands nationally, we remain the trusted experts in electronic device repairs, and we look forward to assisting you at any of our locations.

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Green Revolution

As a forward-thinking company deeply committed to creating a better world, we actively contribute to environmental conservation. Our mission revolves around prolonging the lifespan of electronic devices, preventing perfectly functional gadgets from ending up in landfills. Through proper recycling of old and used batteries and parts, we take significant strides in reducing our carbon footprint and making a positive impact on Mother Nature herself. Join us in our eco-friendly journey and help shape a greener future for all.

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We Value Our Customers

At Techbay Electronics we deeply value our customers, and their satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to constant growth and improvement in our processes and techniques to better cater to their needs. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty exemplifies our dedication to ensuring our customers' peace of mind, providing quality repairs, and delivering superior service.
Every day, we receive positive feedback from our happy customers, making our job truly rewarding.

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