5000mAh BL-49FX Battery For Infinix Hot 8 X650 X650B Hot 9 X655 X656 Note 7 Lite CD6 CD7 KD8 Smart 6 Plus x 6823 Batteries

Techbay Electronics in Kenya offers the Genuine BL-49FX Replacement Battery, boasting a powerful 5000mAh capacity for various Infinix and Tecno models. This replacement ensures enhanced performance, genuine quality, and safety, with professional handling minimizing risks. They advocate for maximizing battery lifespan through proper maintenance practices and provide fast shipping, warranty, and environmental responsibility. Don't let a fading battery hinder your mobile experience—order now!


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Genuine BL-49FX Replacement Battery (5000mAh) - Techbay Electronics (Kenya)

Is your Infinix or Tecno phone experiencing sluggish performance due to a weak battery? Don't let a fading battery hinder your mobile experience! Here at Techbay Electronics, Kenya's leading phone parts supplier, we offer the genuine BL-49FX replacement battery, boasting a powerful 5000mAh capacity. This battery is specifically designed to be compatible with various Infinix and Tecno models, including:

  • Infinix Hot 8 (X650, X650B)
  • Infinix Hot 9 (X655, X656)
  • Infinix Note 7 Lite (CD6, CD7, KD8)
  • Infinix Smart 6 Plus (X6823)

Restore peak performance and extended usage time with a new BL-49FX battery:

  • Enhanced Battery Life: Enjoy hours of worry-free use with the 5000mAh capacity, allowing you to talk, text, browse, and play games for longer.
  • Genuine Quality: This is a genuine replacement battery, ensuring perfect compatibility and optimal performance with your Infinix or Tecno phone.
  • Safe & Reliable: Replacing your battery at Techbay Electronics guarantees a safe and professional service, mitigating any risks associated with improper battery handling.

Maximize the Lifespan of Your New Battery:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Don't expose your phone to extreme heat or cold, as this can affect the battery's capacity.
  • Calibrate the battery: Perform a full discharge and recharge cycle occasionally to maintain accurate battery level readings.
  • Use genuine chargers: Always use chargers approved by your phone's manufacturer for optimal charging and battery health.

Why Choose Techbay Electronics for Your BL-49FX Battery Replacement?

  • Safety First: Battery replacement can be risky if not done correctly. We handle the process safely and efficiently, minimizing any potential risks.
  • Environmentally Responsible: we ensure proper disposal of old batteries to protect the environment
  • Genuine Parts & Warranty
  • Fast shippinng

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battery 5000mAh
warranty 6 months
condition New
Part Number BL-49FX