iPhone 11 battery Replacement Service

If you own the iPhone 11, finding quality and reliable 11 repair service you can count on definitely puts your mind at ease. When your 11 needs anything from a screen repair, charging port replacement, unlocking forgotten passwords and lock-screen pattern to a battery replacement, accessories and screen protector installation Techbay Electronics has precisely the right replacement parts, tools, and many years of experience to get the job done right the first time – fast and error-free. You can also sell your 11 to Techbay or trade it in for one of the many premium pre-owned devices available in any of our stores near you.

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iPhone 11 Battery Replacement Service Ksh.2000.00

At Techbay Electronics we can replace your iPhone 11 swollen, low capacity and damaged battery with a brand new and original battery to to ensure that a full charge gets you through the day without the need to carry a power bank, charger or an extra battery. All our batteries come with a limited lifetime warranty up to 6 months.

How Can you Get Battery Service for Your iPhone 11

Visit our store

The quickest way to get the battery fixed is to come to our store where our Technicians will perform diagnostics to confirm a battery replacement is needed. After confirming this the replacement will be done within a matter of minutes and your phone will be up and running again. Contact our store to schedule an appointment via phone by following the link below. or call 0723981091
Contact your nearest Techbay Repair Centre

Mail it in for repair

This option is recommended for our distant customers for whom it is not financially logical to visit our shop. You can use a courier service of your choice to send us your device. Rember to package it securely by using a large carton box padded with bubble wrap or any dry soft material like tissue paper or cotton wool. Styrofoam pieces can also be used to fill the box containing your device. water for only a few minutes. If water has seeped into your iPhone 11, act quicky to avoid damage to Devices sent via mail are fixed and sent back the same day they are received.

Order the battery and do the replacement by your self

If you feel competent enough and with a little help from our experienced Technicians at Techbay, you will find that doing a battery replacement is much simpler than you might think. Doing this replacement will also give you a chance to learn a new skill or a fun project to do with your kids. Ensure you follow all our safety guidelines below as working with lithium-ion cells can be dangerous if not carefully done..

How Much Will It Cost?

At Techbay, iPhone 11 repair services don't have to break the bank. Our services are both fast and budget-friendly. Depending on the type of damage and the extent of the damage to your iPhone, repair costs will vary. For an accurate estimate on your iPhone 8 repair services, please contact your local Techbay store.

We Can Fix Your iPhone 11

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