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A faulty gaming console is any gamer's worst nightmare. Techbay specializes in all console repairs from Xbox to PlayStation at affordable cost. Our technicians will isolate the problem with your console and fix it in no time. Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo, we fix 'em all and get them ready for your next gaming adventure. You can count on us to treat your console with great care. We offer you the best service so that you can play your games without problems. Pop in to any of your local Techbay stores, or mail-in your console to our stores to get it fixed by our Technicians at pocket friendly prices.

Bring us Any Console for Repair

Playstation Console Repair

From the classic experience of a gaming on a PS2 to the latest features of the Playstation 4, we don't discriminate against age or value of your PS we fix them all. We also fix portable Playstation Vita. We have experience repairing problem ejecting the CD, harddrive replacement, dusting or blowing off foreign particles from your PS, overheating, random shutdown, stuck CD, broken power cord just to mention but a few.

Xbox Console Repair

To our customers with the Xbox, you are not left behind. We have the technical expertise to diagnose, isolate and eliminate the problem fast. Our team consists of pros dealing each day with Xbox problems and error codes specific to Xbox consoles. Let us resuscitate your beloved Xbox or your Xbox 360.

Nintendo Console Repair

Camp Nintendo you are not left behind, we leave no console unfixed. We can repair any of the various Nintendo gaming devices that you may own. If you have issues with your Nintendo 2ds or 3ds, we are your go to man. If you like the interactive features of the Nintendo Wii or portable Nintendo Wii U, we can repair those ones too.

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Checking the status of your repair is quick and easy at Techbay Phone Repair! Simply complete the form below to see the status of your device.

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