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Is your beloved tablet malfunctioning? Do you need your tablet to be repaired fast and affordably? It’s easy for your tablet to stop functioning, we use them so much. Your tablet is your best companion as it has the best proportion of size and functionality. Whether you use it for work, entertainment or school, your tablet is a necessity. If it is damaged Techbay can fix it quickly so that continue enjoying your tablet again.

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What problem is your tablet experiencing

Having battery issues?
Most tablets have inbuilt batteries. You can't easily remove it your own. If your tablet doesn't have a removable battery, our technicians at Techbay can assist to open up your tablet and change the battery for you with an new one.

Your tablet not charging?
If the charging port is broken, we can replace it with a new one and tablet will start charging as good as new. You need the most qualified technician to do the repair for your as tablet charging port repair can be a very delicate task to accomplish. Luckily at Techbay we have just the right personnel and armed with the latest service tools to execute this task with surgical precision. Visit us now to get your charging problems repaired.

Broken tablet screen?
Screen replacement is our speciality. At Techbay we replace your old cracked, damaged, scratched, unresponsive and unusable tablet screen with a new one. We do the job with great, precision and use only the highest quality parts. Our ultimate goal is to make the screen replacement look exactly like the factory installed screen if not better. After the screen replacement, please remember to ask our Technicians about glass screen protectors. It is an injustice to your tablet to do a screen replacement and not have a high quality glass protector installed to protect against accidental damage to your new screen.

Other tablet repair services offered at Techbay include but but limited to:

  • Speaker, earpiece and microphone repair services
  • Tablet casing replacement
  • Updating firmware on your tablet
  • Broken simcard slot repair

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