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Is your laptop malfuctioning? Are you in need of computer repair service? Few things in life can cause mayhen to your work and entertainment life as much as much as a malfunctioning laptop or desktop. Whether you use your computer for business, school work or entertainment, a life without this cryicially important device can be almost unimaginable. Here at Techbay, we get it! We understand difficulties you face when your computer is is not cooperating. We are ready to come to your rescue with our qualified Technicians. We will replace your broken screen, keyboard, harddrives, RAM sticks and do upgrades to restore order in your life.
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Bring us Any Laptop Computer for Repair

In the world we are living in, a laptop is an essential asset in your life. It is your office, your store of memories both videos and photos. A laptop computer needs to function seamlessy, without glitches. you want it to perform as efficiently as it did when you got it. Whether you have downloaded a virus or incurred accidental damage, we offer fast and reliable laptop repair services. You can count on Techbay to handle your computer with great care as a valuable belonging. Our technicials will toubleshoot and fix your computer fast so that you can continue using it without problems. With many years of experience fixing laptops of all makes and models, our technicians are trained and have state of the art diagnostics and servicing tools to repair any computer. Give us a chance and become proof our competency. We will restore your computer to its former condition at pocket friendly prices. We service all the major brands including but not limited to HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Sony, Dell and Apple.
No matter the problem we will fix it
  • Battery replacement
  • Screen replacement services
  • Charging issues repair and AC adapter replacement
  • Harddrive and RAM memory replacement
  • Thermal paste replacement to cool your laptop if experiencing sudden shutdowns due to overheating
  • Cooling fan replacement
  • We also offer cleaning and maintenance services e.g. dust removal and screen cleaning

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